Branches of History You Never Knew Existed

History is more than just the study of the past. 카지노사이트 Understanding history, among the most prominent arts stream disciplines, is vital for understanding the magnificent and historical events of the past that shaped the world as we know it now. If you are considering pursuing a degree in history, it is helpful to be aware of the many fields of history to pick from. Students can opt for branches of history degree to make a career in the specialised field of history.

Here is a complete guide on history branches to assist you in exploring the finest specialisations of the subject for branches of history careers.

What are the Branches of History

The detailed study of previous events is central to the field of history. It is an academic field that is extensively discussed in school and offered for higher education because studying world and national history is essential since it enables us to obtain a comprehensive understanding of all the historical events and methodologies that have resulted in the establishment of the current society. Everything falls under the domain of history, from the beginnings of civilisation in the ancient age through the world wars.

The Branches of History are as Follows:

1. Political History

While history is often thought to be a larger form of political history, this specialised area combines political science and the study of history. It is a popular discipline of history that focuses on examining political systems, leadership, movements, and occurrences. It is associated with the growth and fall of various political systems and political leaders during history’s many evolutionary stages. 바카라사이트

2. Social History

Historical events also have a substantial impact on the equipment and functioning of society, which is why this field of study evolved among the many areas of history. Social history is involved with actual past experiences. It is the history of people, their practices, traditions, and activities connected to key historical events.

3. Economic History

This specialisation, one of history’s lesser-known fields, combines economics with analysing historical events and how they influenced various economies throughout the world. Economic history seeks to comprehend the various economic events of the past. It is the study of markets, industry, manufacturing methods, consumption, and the working classes.

4. Religious History

For decades, secular and religious historians have focused on the history of religion, and it is still taught in colleges and universities. Political, cultural, and aesthetic elements and theology and liturgy are all covered in the history of religion. Religions from all places and parts of the globe where humans have lived are studied in this subject.

5. Diplomatic History

As the name implies, this field of history is concerned with diplomats, diplomatic actions and institutions, and relationships among two or more states. This area includes the subjects of war, security, agreements, international alliances, and institutions. 온라인카지

6. Art History

Art history is a field of history that studies and analyses various visual art genres like sculptures, artworks, architecture, sketches, and so on from the perspective of their production period. It is involved with elucidating the mechanisms, development, and significance behind the many art forms.

7. Food History

This field of history is concerned with culinary science regarding diverse civilisations and their evolution, beginnings, development, cooking methods and skills, and significance. It investigates and analyses food’s social, cultural, economic, and environmental aspects as a distinct branch of history.

8. Science and Medicine History

The history of science and medicine is the study of the impact of previous scientific and clinical advances on civilization. Many notable scientific innovations and innovators have existed in the past, and this field of history seeks to uncover both well-known and neglected scientific and medical achievements.

9. Cultural History

Another factor extensively researched in history as an educational field is culture. It is the study of different components of culture such as values, ideas, customs, rituals, language, etc. This field of history investigates the roles of these factors in the formation of cultural identities. It frequently blends anthropological and historical methodologies to investigate language, public cultural traditions, and sociocultural perceptions of historical understanding. It explores narrative archives and representations of a group’s learning, customs, and historical arts. It is critical to understand how people construct their memories of the past. The study of art in society and the study of pictures and human visual output are all part of cultural history.

10. Women’s History

Women’s history is a renowned discipline of history that explores the role of women during important and transformational occurrences in world history. It concentrates on the history of feminism and well-known women in many fields of study ranging from science to humanities, literature, and politics. It is amongst the crucial branches of history.

11. Environmental History

Environmental history is a newer field dealing with the environment and its various elements. It investigates the consequences and impacts of human action and engagement on the configuration of the environment and the other way around. The discipline was formed on conservation problems, but it has since broadened its scope to cover a more general scientific and societal history and issues concerning cities, population, and environmental sustainability. It is also a very interdisciplinary discipline that extensively depends on the humanities and scientific sciences.


Studying the many branches of history is vital for humanity and growth for the future. Most students consider Humanities a secondary option while choosing a subject in class 11. However, learning about branches of history have made clear that there is immense scope in the field. Liberal arts is gaining momentum amongst students, and the reign of liberal arts in India is here to stay.

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